Introducing our Award Winning gourmet gelato pops with a flavor to suit any mood. Perhaps you're feeling positively bold or deliciously rich. Maybe today is really super? Then again you could be feeling oh-so fancy. No matter how you feel, you're in for a treat with our delicious gourmet gelato pops.

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I'm feeling...

Look at you reaching for the highfalutin swanky pops. Not only do you know what 'mascarpone' is, but you can pronounce it effortlessly. So pull up a throne, rest your feet on your tuffet and eat as FANCY as you feel with our Mascarpone and Berries Gelato Pops.


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When you're in the mood for something fruity, but not too tart. A taste that's a tad tangy and plenty lush. Our Mango Sorbet Pops are as shareable as a secret and just as JUICY. Something fat free and dairy free shouldn't taste this good.


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When you choose to drink coffee, you don't simply drink coffee. You lose yourself in the aroma, identify unidentifiable flavor profiles, and engage in lively debate about prime ministers of nations you've just invented. Keep it BOLD and indulge with our Café Mocha Gelato Pops.


I'm feeling...

As we say in Texas, you're living high on the hog. It's a good feeling. It's something we all want a little piece of, and you've got the whole shebang. So, kick-back, relax and fall into a treat as RICH as you are with our Chocolate Gelato Pops.


I'm feeling...

We don't think it is a coincidence that super rhymes with duper. Just like how it's not a coincidence that dulce rhymes with leche. Wait, does that rhyme? Either way, you get where we're going. Indulge in the SUPER awesomeness of our Dulce de Leche Gelato Pops.

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